Dave and son, Scott, on a baseball trip to Yankee Stadium before it was torn down.  Dave is a former sportscaster ('68-'81) at Redding's Channel 7.  He is currently a marketing consultant for Results Radio in Redding.  "I'm Liz's unpaid employee, but doing estate sales is something I thoroughly enjoy.  I love organizing and displaying what we find."

That's Liz's son to the right!  He does the best dinosaur imitation I've ever seen!  He could have been a great actor.  A trip to Astoria, Oregon, had A.J. in prime character!  Getting out of Los Angeles will do that!

 Dave and Liz enjoying a couple of relaxing moments!    

Liz loves to be outdoors and explore nature.  She loves nature.  Finding a great view is one of Liz's favorite moments!  Next to being with her three children - A. J., Marty, and Kara!  They are the "love of her life"!  Liz is also an avid Barbie collector.  She enjoys antiques and pines for "the good old days".  She views doing estate sales as an opportunity to "honor a deceased person's life" or a chance to help a person "downsize their possessions for whatever reason". 

Liz's daughter, Kara, off to Nicarauga as a Peace Corp volunteer.