If you're looking for someone to hold an estate sale or downsizing sale for you,
don't go any farther.  Redding Estate Sales is the best, most professional and 
considerate business I have ever done business with.  When it's a time like it was
for us, (our Mother passed away), Haley and Phil were the best.  Haley does 
her diligence and investigation to be sure to price items correctly.  Haley takes
great pictures to post on their website, along with a description of what to expect 
to see at the sale.  You won't find 2 better people, than Haley & Phil, to facilitate
your sale!

The Leonard Family

Thanks again Haley

Rick, Kathy & Bill


Haley and Phil,

We consider your service to facilitate our "Senior Downsizing" to be truly outstanding.  Your efforts, organization, contacts, expertise, and professionalism were beyond our expectations. Should anyone want to hear our sincere appreciation for a job very well done, feel free to give them our telephone number.  We are quite sure others will appreciate your services.


Jack and Heleen McAuliffe


Our dear friend had moved into an assisted living and was ready to sell her house. As her power of attorney, we had to take care of of all of her possessions in her house. I had gone to a sale previously of Redding Estate Sales and was impressed with the quality of the sale so kept their business card knowing that I would need their services soon. Haley & Phil came right out after I called and made me so comfortable with the decision to use them. They set up a time around our schedule for the sale and treated our friend's possessions with such dignity and respect. They went through the house and pulled out anything that was personal or valuable that they thought our friend might want. They organized everything by category (no easy task as there were so many items) and conducted the sale in such an organized and professional way. They made the process so easy for us and were such a joy to work with. The things that were left over they arranged for a charity (our choice) to pick up the remainder. Haley even came by and visited our friend after the sale to present her with the check and tell her of all the greetings and fond wishes of neighbors that came to the sale and to tell her how everyone enjoyed purchasing her things. It gave her such a good feeling instead of her feeling sad for the loss of her possessions. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Janet L. Coulter
Redding, CA


I can't begin to thank you & Phil enough for all you have done for me in taking care of my sister's estate--being from Tennessee & inheriting property in Calif.,I was totally overwhelmed with the situation.  You came in & totally put me at ease--handled everything--went above & beyond what I could have expected--you ended up feeling like family to me & I'm really bummed that I'm not closer, so that we could meet for a coffee.  I wish you & your family all the best.  Thank you again--will never forget you!

Val S.        Tennessee


When my mother-in-law passed away I needed to sell and remove all furniture, appliances and other belongings in order to sell the house.  My niece contacted Redding Estate Sales (Phil and Haley Pratt) and they came to the house and met with the family.  After a very clear plan was outlined for us, I made the decision to have them do the estate sale.  As it turned out, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 
After removing all the keepsakes and other items that the family wanted, Haley and Phil went to work.  They removed all the property from where they were stored and then organized them on their tables to do the sale.  They showed great knowledge of the value of furnishing and other items including some collectibles.  A date was set for a weekend sale. The date (that was forecasted to be clear) turned out to be raining but the response was amazing.  At one time there were 50 people standing in the rain waiting to get in.  
What impressed me the most was their integrity and their respect for items that we had no idea were in the home, that were valuable for us to keep in the family.  They kept their word to sell what they could and removed the rest of the property to a charity of our choice, saving us a lot of work to accomplish that.  It's gratifying to find good people doing this kind of work.

Don McCay


To Haley and Phil and Crew;

Moving out of our home was SO emotional!  Who knew it would be so hard to downsize after nearly 20 years in one place.  We were SO impressed with your sensitivity and respect for our "stuff".  You came in and set up and took care of it all.  We were very worried about the disruption to our neighbors on sale day.  Afterwards, they all commented on how organized and respectful the sale was and parking was not a problem.  Haley went to all the neighbors and explained who she was and what was going to take place and asked them to see her if there was a problem.  Our neighbors were so impressed!  We are now settled and comfortable in our new home and will never forget your help in 'parting with the old" and making way for the new in our lives.  Haley and Phil, you are the best!  

Mike and Linda Hurley

Thank you to all our clients and customers.

Phil and Haley